About us

At Ortega Tennis, our core mission is to promote and make tennis accessible to Hong Kong players from all walks of life.

Our aim is to develop students technically, physically, tactically and mentally.
Sebastien Ortega • About • Ortega Tennis

We teach the values of tennis to better each student not just as a player but also as a person.

We teach our kids respect, responsibility, hard work, team work and resilience, on and off the court. We also endeavour to provide clear pathways for players, whether their goal is to become competent social players, or to compete in international circuits.

Motivated by his passion for the game, Sebastien Garcia Ortega designed a holistic tennis training program that focuses on individual development, based on a few simple principles:

  • We believe that coaches work best as a team, where expertise and ideas are shared.
  • Our lessons do not end on the hour. In between lessons, our coaches work together to improve lesson plans and give timely and useful feedback to parents and students.
  • We have a diverse but small and adaptable team.
  • We believe that not one method or technique suits all. We believe in individual development and bringing out the best in every student, and finding the best way to help each student excel.
Based on our principals, and by carefully selecting and bringing together like-minded coaches to further develop and expand the already strong base of players and students, we look forward to welcoming new students and being a part of their tennis journey.