Our programs are focussed on development of each individual, whilst maintaining low student to coach ratios in all classes.
We bring a novel approach by offering a complete program for all our students. In every class, our training encompasses fitness, stroke and footwork development, strategic and tactical training in match play, stretching and conditioning, as well as guidance to help our students develop a strong and resilient mental game and positive attitude.

Junior program

Our comprehensive Junior Programme for young players aged 4 – 18 years old will ensure all players learn the fundamentals of Tennis in a fun, challenging and social environment.

Our structured methodology of drills, games and challenges cover the four pillars of Tennis development – Physical, Technical, Tactical and Mental.

Children will be taught great Tennis skills for life, develop co-ordination and learn the importance of team work and sportsmanship – all whilst having fun and making new friends.

Adults program

With our fun and social adult programme, it doesn’t matter if you have never picked up a racquet, we’ve got everything you need to improve your game, learn the fundamentals and increase your confidence on court.

If you’re an experienced player we will work with you to improve your technique and tactics and get you match ready. We have adult coaching to cater for every need.


Competition program

For our advanced juniors who wish to progress in competition Tennis, our dedicated Competition Programme will provide all the support both on court and off court to enable the player to reach their true potential. We aim to give all our players a very strong technical and physical foundation and then add the tactical and mental aspects to enable them to succeed on court.

All the while keeping in mind one of our key philosophies that we want to develop the person first and player second.

We also offer our “Ladies league” coaching for our competitive ladies that want to take their game to the next level and master not just the technical, but also the tactical side of the game, mainly focusing on the art of doubles.

Schools program

Our inclusive and accessible Schools Tennis Programme will link in very closely with our expansive Junior Programme. We will be sure to use age and experience appropriate balls and equipment and to ensure fun and inclusivity is at the key of what we deliver.

Through fun and engaging drills, games and exercises we will ensure all children in our schools programme learn the fundamentals of this great game whilst developing their co-ordination skills and other key skills that will stand them in good stead for the future.

Fitness program

Fitness in Tennis is becoming increasingly important all the time. However with it being such a physically demanding and diverse sport, the prescription and management of the fitness aspect needs to be specialised and personal.

You can master every tennis stoke but if you do not have the fitness level required to produce the shot when it matters most, you will be left disappointed. Speed, agility, power and endurance are all key factors of playing tennis.

Our specialised Tennis Fitness Programme will focus on all these key components, in a fun yet challenging environment.